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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is a Drama Bundle like a Drama Club?

Yes and No. Yes, because it's offered at school during school or lunch hours. No, because there's a set block (or bundle) of lessons i.e. four weeks. Some schools choose to have back-to-back bundles for example, Meerkat Bundle 1 for four weeks (Introduction to Drama) then Meerkat Bundle 2 (Introduction to Public Speaking) for four weeks. Other schools choose to have only one Drama Bundle a term per age group.

My child is shy or anxious, will Drama help?

Absolutely, 100% yes! Many parents choose drama lessons for their children to develop confidence and speaking skills.  Lorraine began Speech and Drama lessons at the age of 10. She had a fear of standing up in front of her class whether it was reading, saying poems or public speaking - she used to burst into tears! It was through her drama lessons that her confidence grew and she went on to participate in Eisteddfods, public speaking, musical theatre, plays and completed her performer's and teacher's Diplomas through Trinity College of London. She is passionate about sharing her love of drama with her students.  

Do you have working with children checks?

Yes, Lorraine has a current NSW Working With Children Check and is happy to provide these details.

My child has special needs – can I enrol them? 

Give us a call so we can help place your child in the best class for them: 0414 842 501 or 

This sounds great but what does it cost? How do I enrol for a Drama Bundle?

Cost is based on age group and group size. A general guide is $15 per 30min session. This means: $60 per child for a Meerkat Drama Bundle and $80 per child for a Cat Drama Bundle and $90 per child for a Tiger Drama Bundle. At some of our schools we have a standard time of 45min and the cost is set at $ 80 per Drama Bundle. We do offer sibling discounts. Unfortunately, we are not a Creative Kids provider for Drama Bundles yet. Parents enrol and pay ellejay Drama directly. Contact us to book your Drama Bundle.

How do I enrol for a Holiday Workshop?

If you are interested in the Holiday Drama Workshops let us know so we can send the details to you. Parents enrol and pay ellejay Drama directly. 

My child is interested in Eisteddfods and exams, what now?

Eisteddfods are a great opportunity to perform! If you are interested in entering an Eisteddfod or exam contact Lorraine directly so she can discuss what competitions are coming up in and around Sydney. 

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